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Björn Magnusson

About Björn:

EXPERIENCES:I have previously worked as a nurse anesthetist, which I have enjoyed greatly

use in the work of breeding dogs. Has worked with own advertising agency for many years.


Björn's contact information:

NAME:Björn Magnusson

ADDRESS:Norrudden, Rättaregården 1, 179 95 Svartsjö.

MOBILE:(+46) 070-601 2000



It was purely by chance that I started as a Berner Sennen breeder, all thanks to Gunilla Odenfelt at Odenhill's kennel. There I had the privilege of being a fodder for Odenhill's Amina. From her I got Odenhill's Eya, who then became kennel Kronblomma's stock bitch. In 2006, Svante and I moved in together. Svante had for many years bred various terrier breeds with success in the Toutchstone kennel.


Breeding goals

Our ambition is to breed Bernese Mountain Dogs that are created to fit into the original purpose of the breed, both in terms of exterior and temperament. Naturally, we work for the health and longevity of the breed. Here it is important that all breeders help each other and work with common goals to do the best for our breed.

Of course we test our dogs with the SH test.

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