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SH test for a healthier breed!

SH-test your breeding animalsfor a healthierbernese mountain dog!

The SH test has now been around for eight years. It has been supplemented with the breeding tool HSIMS, which is available on Antagene's website and is free to use in breeding planning.

      We are all sorry that our dogs often get cancer, one of these cancers is Histiocytic Sarcoma. Which affects 15% of our Bernese. Now we can all try to do something about this by SH-testing our breeding animals.

      Many people find it difficult to do the test because they don't know how to do it. Therefore, I have put up this page to make it easier for those of you who want to join in making our Bernese Mountain Dogs healthier. A prerequisite is that we all help each other.

You are welcome!
Here's everything you need to do
a SH test! Download the PDFs found here on the right.

If you need help, we will be there.
Available on phone 070-601 2000

How to use!

Refer SH test!

Memorandum of Agreement!

This is how you pay!

To the vet!

Example of referral!

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