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SH test for a healthier breed!

SH test berner is it important?

The SH test has now been around for eight years. It has been supplemented with the breeding tool HSIMS, which is available on Antagene's website and is free to use in breeding planning.

      We all know that our children often suffer from cancer, one of these cancers is Histiocytic Sarcoma. Which affects 15% of our Bernese.

      Still, we want more people to be able to enjoy a veteran in the future. Then it may not help to show pictures that there are veterans without also working with the reason why only 30% of our dogs reach 10 years.

      Now we have the chance to hopefully get more people to reach this respectable age, but we can only do that together and only if all SH tests their breeding animals, both bitches and males.     

      Then why is it so slow, is it for fear of finding out the answer to the test - probably not, because all can be used in breeding and it is very important to maintain the breeding base. Now it is extra promising when we have HSIMS as a tool to find one


appropriate combination. That combination must, of course, take into account all components of a wise breeding plan.

I have wondered for a long time how the puppy buyers think about this when planning to buy a puppy.

Here I want to show an example of our way of using HSIMS in breeding planning.

Planning for an upcoming mating is, of course, finding suitable male dogs. When, as in the example below, we have found male dogs that we think would suit our female. Then we have taken into account exterior, temperament, ED/HD, previous diseases in the pedigree, disadvantages of our own bitch that we do not want to double on, etc.

Now it's time to run HSIMS to see how the combinations turn out in terms of the percentage probability of the proportion of puppies of A, B or C. That run must become part of our overall assessment of male dog selection.

Our aim is to get as many A's and as few C's as possible.

Here is the result

we have to take into account:


If our bitch is mated withmale dog 1

becomes the statistical calculation of the offspring:


If our bitch is mated withmale dog 2

becomes the statistical calculation of the offspring:


If our bitch is mated withmale dog 3

becomes the statistical calculation of the offspring:

The normal population in Sweden in 2021

Index A    21%

Index B     44%

Index C     35%

Our endeavor is to get better than this distribution

We consider all three of these male dogs

and its entiretywould benefit the breed.

Male dog 3gives the whole63% A and only6%C.

Here is our choicemale dog 3.

Alsomale dog 2get a very good result

better than the normal population – and would

also be a good choice.

What happened
then the result.
2 puppies
and both
SH test A

Statistically speaking, when you have a high percentage of A in HSIMS, the chances increase that the puppies will also get it. But you can get puppies with C in these combinations which in this case was 6% chance.

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